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Sardis AO

Service Type Vertical Glass Cabinet

• Available for M1 (-1/+5) & M2 (-1/+7) temp. class

• Both plug in and remote versions avaliable

• Bain Marie and hot plate versions

• Double display powder coated deck version available (for Sardis DBL)

• 788, 888 or 960 mm stainless steel base tray options

• Adjustable stainless steel trays

• 275 mm stainless steel working plate

• Standard LED single row canopy lighting

• High quality tempered and vertical straight front glass

• Fan assisted anti condensation system

• Fan assisted refrigeration

• Optional stainless steel bumper rail

• Optional sliding cover

• Shelf options on the front glass ( for PR and 2PR module)

• RAL color options

• Piller leg or closed front panel

Professional producer and designer for bespoke shopfitting solutions

Professional producer for refrigerated
display cabinets for supermarkets

Professional producer for supermarket refrigeration systems and industrial refrigeration
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